Steve Forde


We all feel that we know our heroes, and have a personal relationship with them. In reality, the closest most of us ever get to our heroes past or present, is on a TV screen.

Steve Forde’s work deals with the transience of digital imagery, and attempts to represent this in a permanent context – to capture those fleeting digital ‘moments’ forever and give the viewer an image that is as vivid and exciting as a digital image, but that won't disappear at the flick of a switch.

Viewed from a distance, his works offer a good likeness of the individual portrayed. On closer inspection however, the likeness becomes distorted, and more abstract, as it becomes clear that this is just a collection of coloured ‘pixels’.
The image is further distorted when viewed from the side, and the piece takes on a more abstract, 3 dimensional quality.
The effect is similar to viewing a TV screen very close-up.

His highly original technique involves glass tubes, painted on the inside, set into a laser cut black acrylic frame.
Each tube represents a pixel, 1600 of which combine to make up the overall image.

“Ultimately I want to create art that is open to interpretation, but above all will look stunning in an everyday setting, whether this be your home, office or a public space.”

Steve Forde – 4D Art

About Steve Forde
I am an artist living and working in West London.

My art uses a patented technique to create 3 dimensional 'pixelated' images.

Each piece consists of 1600 glass tubes individually hand painted.
These are set into a black acrylic frame, which is precisely laser cut for the purpose.
There are over 35 colours of paint used in each piece.

Each artwork takes around 1 month to paint by hand, and assemble.
The finish is a stunning, high gloss effect, which catches the light, and changes depending on the angle you are viewing from.

The artworks measure approx 92cm square, with a depth of 15cm.

Commissions are most welcome.


  • art
  • Illustration
  • fine art
  • sculpture


  • art
  • Illustration
  • fine art
  • sculpture